Solax X3 ULTRA

Hybrid Inverter

15kW / 19.9kW / 20kW / 25kW / 30kW
High Yield & Full Utilization
  • Max. 36A DC input per MPPT
  • 3 MPPT, 6 Strings
  • 200% PV Oversizing
  • Max. 200% PV Input
Dual Independent Battery Ports
  • Managed independently for easy expansion
  • Dual ports can be paralleled to connect
  • One large capacity battery
  • Up to 2.8MWh with TB-PBOX*
Money Saving
  • 100% Unbalanced Output
  • 7X24 Time of Use (ToU)
High Safety & Reliability
  • AFCI optional
  • Type II SPD on AC&DC side
AI-Driven Energy Management
  • Smart Schedule
  • Smart Scene
  • Intelligent loads management
Robust Backup
  • <10ms switchover time
  • 2Pn EPS overload for 10 sec
  • All types of loads supported
  • Micro-grid supported
  • Diesel generator supported

Why X3 Ultra

Introduces a new C&I energy storage solution, suitable for factories, malls, offices, and warehouse. With 2/3 MPPTs, it maximizes power generation, enhancing compatibility with complex solar systems. Even if one MPPT encounters a fault, it won’t affect the operation of other arrays.

200% oversized PV input = 100% AC Output + 100% Battery Storage

We ensure every unit of solar power is fully utilized, converted into AC output and stored in batteries efficiently. Power is allocated independently to each phase, controllable down to 0W per phase, with a max.10kW output on a single phase, reducing grid reliance.

Highlighting our micro-gird function.

The micro-grid feature enables the hybrid inverter to simulate the grid and activate the string inverter when off-grid. By connecting the string inverter to the hybrid inverter’s EPS port, it can use PV or battery energy to power the string inverter during utility outages. Leveraging real-time data detection through our SOLAX Cloud streamlines commercial and industrial management processes.


  • Max. input current per MPPT: 36A
  • Max. charge/discharge current: 60(30×2)A
  • Battery voltage range: 180-800V
  • Max. Apparent AC power: 16500
  • EPS peak power [VA]: 2 time of rated power, 10s
  • EPS rated power [VA]: 15000
  • Dimensions (W*H*D): 696*529*240mm
  • Net weight: 47kg



User Manual

Quick Installation Guide
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