Solax X3 PRO G2

Three Phase Inverter

8kW / 10kW / 12kW / 15kW / 17kW / 20kW / 25kW / 30kW
High Efficiency
  • Max. efficiency is up to 98.5%
  • Low start-up voltage, ultrawide MPPT voltage range
  • 150% DC oversizing, 110% AC overloading output
  • Global MPP scan for higher yield efficiency integrated
  • SPD type II protection on both AC&DC
  • ARC protection (Optional)
  • IP66 protection
  • Export power control integrated
  • Intelligent load management – heat pump (Adapter Box required)
  • 24h monitoring and maintenance (Optional)
  • Multiple monitoring methods supported (Optional: Wi-Fi/LAN/4G)
  • High power solar panels supported
  • Max. 32A DC input current per MPP tracker
  • Up to 3 MPPTs, 2 strings per MPPT
  • Master/Slave parallel function supported

Why X3 PRO G2

Experience the power of the X3-PRO G2 solar inverter, delivering high efficiency, safety, and smart features. With built-in export power control and intelligent load management for heat pumps, optimize your energy usage effortlessly. Take advantage of its compatibility with high-power solar panels, maximizing energy generation. Choose optional 24-hour monitoring and maintenance for continuous performance. Unleash the potential of your solar system with the X3-PRO G2.


  • Max. PV input voltage: 1100V
  • Max. PV input current: 32A/32A
  • No. of MPP trackers/Strings per MPP tracker: 2/2
  • Operating ambient temperature range: -30~+60°C
  • Dimensions: (W*H*D) 482*417*186mm
  • Net weight: 24.5kg



User Manual

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