Solax X3 MEGA G2

Three Phase Inverter

40kW / 50kW / 60kW
More Energy Harvest
  • Max. efficiency 98.4%
  • 180~1000Vdc MPPT voltage range
  • Max. 6 MPPTs, 2 strings per MPP tracker
  • 150% PV oversizing input, 110% overloading output
  • Max. 32A MPPT current
Safety & Reliability
  • AFCI protection (Optional)
  • Both AC&DC SPDs (Type II) inside, Type I+II SPD (Optional)
  • IP66 protection
Smart Maintenance and Cost Efficiency
  • Built-in export power control
  • Remote setting and upgrading
  • Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis supported
  • Aluminum AC cable connection available
  • Fuse-free design with smart string current monitoring
  • Night-time Reactive Power Compensation
  • Smart air cooling for extended fan lifetime
  • Advanced heat dissipation for over 10% lighter, smaller system

Why X3 MEGA G2

Experience the extraordinary power of the X3 MEGA G2 solar inverter, delivering up to 98.4% efficiency and outstanding energy performance with its wide MPPT voltage range, which enhances power yield. Rest assured with IP66, Arc-fault circuit interrupter, and SPD protection, ensuring your system’s safety and security. Unlock the full potential with intelligent features like built-in export power control, remote maintenance, and smart I-V curve diagnostics. Moreover, the X3 MEGA G2 utilizes advanced heat dissipation technology, not only empowering it with immense power but also making it remarkably lighter and more compact compared to inverters of similar capacity. Elevate your energy system to new heights with the X3 MEGA G2, guaranteeing unparalleled performance and efficiency.


  • Max. PV input voltage: 1100V
  • Max. PV input current: 32A
  • No. of MPP trackers/Strings per MPP tracker: 4/2
  • Dimensions: (W*H*D) 630*521*286mm
  • Net weight: 44kg



User Manual

Quick Installation Guide
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