Solax X3 HYBRID G4

Hybrid Inverter

3.0kW / 3.7kW / 4.6kW / 5.0kW / 6.0kW / 7.5kW
High Efficiency
  • 200% PV oversized, up to 110% AC overload output
  • Higher efficiency on charging and discharging, up to 97.5%
  • Shadow tracking function integrated
  • 16A DC input current, supporting high-power solar panels
  • Up to 150% PV input
  • Store surplus energy from PV to battery
  • Longer working time with low start output voltage
  • Reduced energy loss from battery to inverter
  • IP65 protection
  • SPD integrated
  • Up to 150% EPS output for 10s
  • Switchover time < 10ms
  • Quick configuration with U-disk
  • CT compatible, loads respond within 0.3s
  • Intelligent loads management (e.g., Heat pump)
  • On & off-grid parallel function, up to 15kW
  • 5 work modes, 2 charging periods available
  • VPP ready, ancillary service in power market


SolaX Fourth Generation Inverter

Experience the unrivaled power of our advanced solar hybrid inverter, combining efficiency, safety, and intelligence, with a simplified design for easy one-person installation. Benefit from exceptional features such as up to 200% PV oversizing, high charging and discharging efficiency, and built-in shadow tracking. The inverter guarantees durability and compatibility, even in low-temperature environments, with IP65 protection and support for high-power solar panels. Effortlessly store surplus energy and relish in intelligent load management. Enjoy seamless solar+storage integration with smart EV chargers. Choose from versatile operation modes, including on/off-grid parallel and VPP-readiness, unlocking limitless opportunities in the power market. Unleash the full potential of our local energy solution for a smarter, greener future.


  • Max. input current per string: 16A
  • Max. AC output apparent power [VA]: 1.1 times of rated power
  • Battery voltage range: 180-800V
  • Peak apparent AC power [VA]: 1.5 times of rated power, 10s
  • Switch time: < 10ms
  • Surge protection: Type II, DC and AC
  • Dimensions (W*H*D): 503*503*199mm
  • Net weight: 30kg



User Manual

Quick Installation Guide
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